Sligo Town Hall

  • Detached seven-bay two-storey Lombardo Romanesque palazzo-style town hall, built c. 1865, returning nine-bays to south, with central single-bay break-front, three-stage square-plan clock tower to north-east
  • Extensively restored and rennovated, c. 1998, with additon of five-bay three-storey extension to north elevation.
  • Sligo Town Hall was designed by the Dublin architect William Hague and was built by the Dublin firm OF Crowe and Brothers for the sum of £5,000. Crowe and Brothers were no strangers to Sligo Town, having just finished construction of Sligo Railway Station.
  • The Harbour Commissioners had the Clock Tower erected at a cost of £975 pounds by local builder Patrick Morris. The Clock Tower afforded the Harbour Master an impressive view of the harbour so as to monitor the progress of shipping entering and leaving the harbour, whilst housing a bell provided by Council member Charles Anderson.
  • The bell, Anderson's Bell as it became known, weighed 812 kg, is 1050mm in diameter and is engraved with the harp, shamrock and crown insignia.
  • Today it is much improved, thanks to a multi-million Euro refurbishment which was completed in 2000 and which renewed the Town Hall to its former glory, thus restoring its rightful place as the civic centre of Sligo Town.

Distance from St Angela’s: 7.3




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